Way of Success

Take up one idea, make that one idea your life. Think of it, dream of it, Live on that idea let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.”. -Swami Vivekananda

“Work till you reach your goal

Life And Dew

Let your life lightly dance on the edges of Time like dew on the tip of a leaf.

-Rabindranath Tagore

Life is like a dew. Dew, which comes everyday on the green grasses but after the full sunrise it disappears. This is a very common thing for some people but even this very common thing has very deep meanings inside it.

Nature always tries to convey very beautiful thoughts in its every action but important is that we should try to understand these thoughts.

I know that you all must be very eager to know that why I am saying that dew and life are very common? This is because just like dew life is also momentary. Like dew disappears after sunrise, in the same way one day will come when life will also end.

Life is full of beautiful and amazing things but we waste our time in thinking about our past and future rather than our present. We should always enjoy our lives and shouldn’t take it as a burden. Life always looks burden when we don’t think about our present.

Today the world is moving with a fast pace. Humans have made many technological advancements. But think for a second, are we giving some part of our time to ourselves and to our family? The answer will be no. And in the same way one day the life will end. Think for some time, are we only here to earn money. Is money and technological advancement everything which we need to live?

Love is also very important thing which we need to live a happy life and it doesn’t comes from money or technology but it comes when we spend some time with our close ones. So, we shouldn’t waste our time only in our work because one day our life will end just like dew and then we will regret that why we spent our precious time only in our work.

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To become successful don’t be afraid of failure

I was going through a short story named His First Flight by Liam O’ Flaherty. This story tells us that we should always try new new things in our life. We should not get afraid of these but we should happily accept it. If we are unable to do this then we can suffer due to this. This story also tells us that we should always face the problems bravely. Some things look very difficult at first but actually they are very easy.

In that story their was a seagull who lived on the ledge with his father, mother and siblings. But the seagull was afraid of flying because he thought that if he ever tried to do so then he would die because of falling from the ledge. But his elder siblings who had smaller wings as compared to his they also got successful but due to his fear he didn’t tried to fly.

His parents also tried to explain him their is nothing to be worry about but he couldn’t overcome his fear. When he didn’t understood they also upbraided him and said that they will not give him food. From that day his parents didn’t gave him food and he became more and mare hungry. After two days his mother cane with a piece of fish in her mouth and after he saw her he swiftly ran at the edge of the ledge. But her mother stopped when she was at some distabce from the poor seagull. But he was too hungry so he jumped from the ledge. At first he is going to die but in few seconds his wings opened and he at last flew in sky.

This beautiful story tells us that for getting success we must overcome our fear of failure because until and unless we will not overcome our fears then we will never become successful and some has very rightly said

“Time and tide waits for none”.

So before the time leaves us we should leave the fear of becoming unsuccessful to become successful in our life. This can be easily understand by the example of the seagull who first hesitated in flying but when he jumped from the ledge then he understood that it was not as difficult as it was looking at first.

Parents also play very important role in our lives. They always help us to improve the important decisions which are important in our life like the parents of the seagull. They also scold us but after sometime we understand that they do all this for our future and always wish a bright future for their children.

I have learnt a lot of things from this story and I want everyone to learn this important chapter of life that we should not get afraid of anything and always try to overcome our fears. Maybe we can get sometime failure also but failure also teaches us many important things. At last I want to only write on thing that Run behind your dreams but not away from difficulties.

Books: Burden More Than Education

Photo by Mike Bird on Pexels.com

It is said that “books are our best friends” but now this has been changed and now it is like as follows “books are our best burden” this is due to the present education system prevailing. Due to this children don’t read books for fun or for gaining knowledge but they read the books as burden and only for scoring marks. This is now the present trend prevailing between the students. But in this not only the students are to be blamed but the education system also which is compelling the students to do this.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I think that books should be taken as a way for gaining knowledge and for reading in the leisure time. But the present system doesn’t gives us the chance to do so. On schools the time table is also set up in such a way that theory classes should be more than that of library classes.

This burden has increased in such a way that their are three to four books of the same subject. Due to this the students always live in an atmosphere full of tension. Due to this they also suffer from many diseases such as spinal pain or weakness in eyesight due to continuous reading. Due to this the future of the students is going in a black hole where they can do nothing. This burden is suppressing the real potential of a student and it is thing which is to be noticed and strict actions should be taken upon it.

Due to this burden the mental development of the student is also lagging behind because he couldn’t think or develop his own ideas other than from the books. This burden can’t be lighted so easily it can be changed by bringing change in the whole present education system and it needs a lot of will power to do so , so that the future of the world can be saved.

Pollution: The Destructor Of World

Pollution is the worst problem that we are facing today. This problem has been increased too much for few decades. But this

problem hasn’t came from somewhere else but we ourselves have helped this problem in spreading its roots.


the main causes of pollution include addition of dirty things in the water, dangerous smoke coming out from the chimneys of the industries, cutting of trees or deforestation which cause disbalance in ecosystem and many other causes have helped the roots of pollution to spread its reach.


pollution is very fatal for our survival. It is a slow poison which is destroying our earth. People are suffering from various kinds of health issues due pollution. Delhi, the capital of our country has became a gas chamber. People suffer in breathing due to air pollution. These effects have put a question mark on our survival.


Their are many ways in which we can control the pollution but it requires a strong will power. People and government on their own levels should fight with this problem. More and more trees should be planted, use of plastic should be strictly prohibited. These steps should be taken and awareness should be spread in society so as to eradicate the for named as pollution.

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